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We are super excited to be launching HorseMasters - a fun, diverse, interactive and educational club for horse mad kids and teenagers based around riding schools and their associated activities. 


You don't need to be a horse or pony owner to be a member, just bucketloads of enthusiasm and a love of horses and ponies!

Offering three program levels:

Junior HorseMasters is open to 5 - 11 year olds

Senior HorseMasters is open to 12 - 17 year olds

HorseMaster Leaders is by invitation, assessed on achievement levels

Members will gain invaluable experience in horse and pony care, riding, competing and a whole host of other skills through a program of structured practical and theory sessions delivered by experienced horse people working in the industry.  Members will be able to work towards numerous different achievements in varied disciplines through practical and theory sessions and assessments both ridden and non ridden as well as competing at in-house and online events. 


There will also be visits to relevant events and from equine professionals will provide great interactive experiences to learn more about specialist disciplines and even equine related careers such as farriery, saddlery, veterinary and physiotherapy.

In addition to all of the above the HorseMasters Leaders program is aimed at developing leadership skills such as communication, teamwork, responsibility, respect and problem solving, to help members gain leadership confidence and apply these new skills elsewhere within their daily life. 

A culmination to completion of all the achievement awards and being part of the Leaders program is the opportunity to undertake the Equine Centre Assistants Award, a formally certified qualification providing evidence of your skills and learning.

Sessions will be run by Centres at their discretion and will alternate between Junior Pins, Senior Pins, Junior Ridden and Senior Ridden sessions.

There will be two memberships levels available, Standard and Member +. Standard will offer basic discounts and early booking facilities.  Member + will offer larger discounts on more activities as well as earlier booking opportunities.

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